Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Life and (Possible) Death of My Peas

This post is going to be extremely picture-heavy so bear with me!

This has been a great year for my peas, which have grown to a gargantuan size. They're now well over 4 feet tall…. or at least they used to be! I usually use tomato cages as supports for my peas and they're never outgrown the cages, but these plants were head and shoulders above their supports and then we got a windy storm at the end of the week. 

So here is a recap of the peas so far, in case they do not rebound from the damage :(

pea shoots and flowers blooming
New shoots and a bunch of new flowers

A tangle of tendrils!

Growing pea pods

Baby Pod!

More baby pictures :)

The tops are blown straight over!

Front view of the damage

My kinda solution to the problem… At least they're off the ground now right?

Some of the stalks definitely appear to have snapped a bit

Or snapped almost entirely off...

A few only look like they got bent though and that's where my hope comes from!

Time will tell on these guys. I'm really hoping that at least some of them are okay seeing as I was really looking forward to some home grown peas!

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