Thursday, October 7, 2010


Last year I started a worm bin (vermicomposting) to process vegetable waste, cut down on our stinky trash and get a nice organic fertilizer pretty much for free as a result. All went well until about mid August. My worms were happy and quickly processing all of our food scraps. Then I went away for about a week and made sure to leave them with plenty of food, but I forgot to check the weather forecast. If they had been inside the apartment, this would be no big deal, but I had moved the bin onto the front porch/sunroom. So a combination of ridiculously high temperatures and forgetting to open the windows resulted in a sauna-like environment and lots of dead worms.

Since then I've been ridiculously busy and keep forgetting about my need for new worms until I have a full food waste bucket that I can't get rid of. Well, I finally got around to ordering new worms on eBay and even decided to do a whole bin makeover!

My new bin is a 10 gallon container from Lowe's

Newspaper has been shredded, soaked in water and wrung out for a nice moist bedding

My new worms in their new home!


  1. Hi, I'm sorry to hear about the baked worm adventure. Red Wigglers are pretty adaptable but too hot is too hot.

    Worm bins work great unless they don't. It looks like you've got your homemade bin back on track.

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  2. Baked worm adventure is a great way of putting it! So far, so good. I have them on a slow and steady feeding schedule till they get acclimated.

  3. That happened to my bin for just one afternoon. And guess what? When I opened the bin, the air inside was really warm and I had 6-7 worms on the sides crawling up, trying to escape. The sauna must have been brutal on them.