Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eggplant Madness

Things here have been pretty uneventful of late. My classes started on Wednesday so I've been a homework machine. I'm attempting to get far enough ahead of schedule that I won't have to worry about classes when we take our camping trip down the Cape in a couple weeks.

As far as gardening goes, the outdoor plot is steadily turning out some nice veggies. My eggplant have all decided to start bearing fruit all at once and it now looks like in a week or so I'm going to have way more eggplant than I know what to do with. We're already sick of eggplant parmesan so perhaps some rolled eggplant is on the horizon? Honestly though, most of it will probably end up frozen for winter use in stews and the like. I did not think I would be even thinking about freezing this year since I just started this whole gardening endeavor, but I *really* don't think that Stacey and I will be able to eat the 15-20 eggplants, that will surely be ready to pick all at the same time, before they start rotting on the counter.

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