Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Volunteer!

So I repotted my chives a few months back and about 2 months ago I noticed a small volunteer poking up through the soil. I was unsure of what it was so I left it and just let it grow. Well, I ended up forgetting about it completely and just recently looked at the pot and realized that my little volunteer must be a bell pepper plant that didn't germinate this spring. I also saw that it was quickly taking over the entire space and forcing the chives to one side of the pot. That night I sat down and extracted the pepper plant and moved it into a new home.



A few weeks later everyone is much happier!


  1. Congrats on safe extraction of that volunteer pepper plant from the chives! I always get nervous pulling plants out for transplanting, lest I damage the roots too much. It looks like both chives and pepper are doing well. Will you be keeping them both indoors?

  2. Yes they will both be staying inside. The chives are a permanent fixture in my windowsill. I just love the ease of snipping some off whenever I need them! The pepper will also stay on a windowsill all winter and we'll see how that one goes!