Friday, January 21, 2011

Cutting Down the List

I've spent hours agonizing over this list.... While I would love to grow all of these varieties, the space available to me just will not cooperate with those dreams.

On the chopping block:

Cauliflower - Going with Early Snowball
- Cheddar (58 days, hybrid, orange) $1.95

Celery - Using Celery Tango Hybrid seed left over from last year
- Golden Pascal (101 days, Heirloom 1930, fall and early winter harvest) $1.25
- Redventure (95 days, hybrid) $1.55

Corn - Holding off a year on my foray into corn
- Golden Bantam (78 days, Heirloom 1902, yellow, mild to no insect issues) $1.65
- Country Gentleman (Heirloom 1890, white, good storer) $2.25
- Stowell's Evergreen (Heirloom 1848, white, very sweet) $1.95
- Incredible (84 days, F1 hybrid, good main crop) $2.50

Cucumbers - Just doing a slicing variety this year (Spacemaster) from EG
- Boston Pickling (Heirloom Pre-1880) $0.95
- Homemade Pickles Pickler (54 days) $1.25

Eggplant - Going with Black Beauty and Pingtung Long
- Black Egg ( 70 days, cool weather) $1.35
- Slim Jim (60 days, Italian Heirloom) $1.35

Soybeans - Planting Envy because of lower price
- Beerfriend $1.95

Summer Squash - Using hybrid seed from last year
- Vegetable Marrow (56 days, British Heirloom, bush habit) $0.95
- Zucchini Black (50 days, Heirloom 1931, flavorful) $1.25

Slicers - Got some seed from Engineered Gardener and may also order Mortgage Lifter and Aunt Ruby's Green
- Pruden's Purple (72 days, Heirloom, Indeterminate, crack resistant, 1 lb avg, meaty) $1.25
- Heinz Classic Processor (75 days, Indeterminate, 3" fruit, mature at same time, good canner, VF) $0.95
- Black Krim (69 days, Indeterminate, Ukrainian Heirloom, deep reddish black, large and very sweet) $1.35
- Pineapple (85 days, Indeterminate, orange and yellow stripes, 5" beefsteak type, 1-2 lbs, mild flavor) $1.25
- Coustralee (French Heirloom, Indeterminate, 1-3 lbs, deep red, balance between sweet and tart, large plant) $1.25
- Manyel (Native American Heirloom, 10-16 oz, yellow, zingy flavor, blemish free, 10-16 oz, early to midseason) $1.15
- Tigerella (55-65 days, English Heirloom, Indeterminate, red-yellow orange stripes, early, tangy, heavy yields) $1.25

Cherry - Planting Black Cherry (from EG) and Matt's Wild Cherry
- Currant Tomatoes (75 days, Indeterminate, very intense tomato flavor, come in yellow or red) $1.25
- Rainbow Cherry (65 days, Indeterminate, 1" mix of red, orange and yellow) $0.95

Paste- Still unsure on these


  1. I am a California gardener. I have a single plant of Cheddar Cauliflower growing in my garden. I was very inspired when I saw the flower nestled down among the leaves.

    Good luck on your planting. Based on the number of packets, you must have a good garden plot. Lucky you!

  2. Thanks for commenting! I have two garden plots and will probably only be planting about 3 of each variety I have because I really don't have a TON of space. I just couldn't help trying a bunch of new varieties this year!