Monday, August 30, 2010

Harvest Mondays

It's been a relatively quiet week here....

Hybrid tomatoes, an heirloom from a plant that was gifted to me from REC and some Blue Lake green beans

Hybrid tomato, sweet Italian pepper and more green beans

More tomatoes and green beans with squash blossoms

The lunch made from the harvest shown above.

A lovely black beauty eggplant (that will probably end up as dinner tonight) and a small Italian pepper

The garden totals thusfar:
Summer Squash - 4 lbs
Tomatoes - 8 lbs
Green Beans - 1 lb
Eggplant - 1 lb
Italian Peppers - 1/2 lb


  1. Did you make fried green tomatoes? It kinda looks like that's what's on the right side of the plate....I've never tried the squash blossoms, but have heard that they're pretty good. (my dog eats them instead)

  2. The beans look good! I am missing my Blue Lake beans. I tried Kentucky Blue's this year after growing Blue Lake for a few years, big mistake.

  3. EG - Yup indeed that's fried green tomatoes! This was my first time trying the squash blossoms and they were pretty good. I liked them, but Stacey absolutely loved them.

    Dan - I'm pretty happy with the Blue Lake beans. It's my first time growing them (or any other type of bean for that case) and IMHO they're much nicer than the other varieties being grown by the other gardeners in the community garden.

  4. I like your blog, Cloud. I love gardening too. Wish I was as good at it as you are. I do have some red hot peppers growing in a pot that people tell me are the hottest they've tasted in awhile. I don't eat them myself. :)

  5. Did you stuff your squash blossoms with anything (like a cheese mixture) before you fried them? I tried fried squash blossoms for the first time this year, and thought they were pretty good, but not out of this world or anything. :-) Mine were not stuffed, so maybe next year I'll try stuffing them.

  6. Nice harvest! I wish I would have thought to grow peppers this year, but eh, just another thing to put on the list for next year's garden.

    My green beans are starting to produce a few here and there, but it seems I am fighting a never ending war with cucumber beetles.

  7. IpickUbuy - I'm not that good yet! It's my first year and I've just done lots and lots of research. Personally, I can't take spicy foods one bit. Girlfriend wants me to grow some hot peppers for her next year though since she loves the hot stuff!

    thyme -I did not try stuffing them! I hadn't even though of stuffing until you mentioned it. I thought they were good, but agree with the "not out of this world" comment. Maybe I'll try stuffing them next time.

    Prairie -Thanks! I know what you mean. I have a long list of stuff I wish I'd grown or had the room to grow... But there's always next year! Thankfully I haven't had a problem with my beans at all, my squash are another story though. Lots of plant surgery to remove vine borers....

  8. I wish I could be harvesting squash blossoms too. I have so many of them, but the ants invade them before they are even open. It is just way to much effort to try to get all the ants out of there to eat them. I've never had issues with them before, but then it is a new location so maybe that is it. Or the dry weather.

  9. Daphne - Thankfully I don't seem to be having any major ant issues. One of my neighboring gardeners is though...