Friday, March 4, 2011

First Seedlings of the Year

These are the Walla Walla Onions started from seed in their first 3 weeks of growth.

These are the Hybrid Green Onions over the past few weeks.

Lastly, here are the Large American Flag Leeks that were planted the same time as the Walla Walla Onions and Hybrid Green Onions.

In other news, my backordered seeds came, but unfortunately the Southport Red Globe Onions are unavailable this year so they sent Red Burgandy Onion seed instead. I was a bit bummed since I was wicked excited for the Southport Red Globes, but the Red Burgandy will have to do. I planted them last night and will update with pics when they start to pop up.

I'm also going to begin the germination process for my hot peppers tonight. This year I'm growing Hungarian Hot Wax, Tam Jalapeno and Chinese Paper Lantern. My plan is to have 3 of each plant with the intention of planting only 2 of each variety due to my small space. I have my five overwintered bell pepper plants that are currently showing new growth, so no need to start more bells!


  1. Your onions are doing very well. Too bad about the Red Globes. I really don't like it when they send a substitute.

    It looks like germinating season has begun at your place!!

  2. Agreed. I would rather have just had my money refunded... Or a credit for next year. Oh well, I get to try something I wouldn't have otherwise! We'll see how it goes!

    Yes germination is well underway here... I just started my hot peppers. So excited for them this year!

  3. I'm growing bunch unions, too. They look just like yours right now. My wife says I should have planted more seeds close together. I thought they will multiply as they grow. Do you you know? Since you're using flats, I assume that you will transplant into pots? How will you do this?

  4. The green onions in the small pot may or may not be divided later on. Each plant will grow multiple "stalks" from one base. I tend to thin them as needed for my cooking so they usually end up with plenty of room to grow.

    I did plant my bulb onions in a flat. I just sprinkled them randomly across it and am in the process of thinning them as needed to make sure they each have a little room to grow. These will end up going straight from the flat into the garden later on.

  5. Hi Cloud - thank you for following me.
    You make me feel quite lazy as I haven't started planting anything yet! I do have the excuse that all my seed trays, propagators etc all got burnt to nothing in the arson attack on my potting shed at Christmas, but even so....!

    I've enjoyed reading your back posts - those flowersa were gorgeous! :)
    I'll be back again soon.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by Nutty Gnome! I had read about your unfortunate incident and I hope you can get your garden back on its feet. Good luck!