Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Seedling Set Up

I finally got my lights all set up for my seedlings and I think they'll enjoy the extra light.

Girlfriend bought me the shelves from Target and the shelf heights are awesomely adjustable. The lights are 24" and one is cool white and the other is warm white as that's what I had in my apartment at the time.

The babies in their new home under the lights! It's pretty much all tomatoes, peppers and eggplant under here.

My Orange Sun bell pepper plant is once again producing peppers. After these two grow a bit I'll pick them and pinch back any other blossoms so I can *hopefully* transplant it outside. I hadn't even noticed these two until yesterday when I saw fruit.

The leeks are doing solidly and seem to be slowly getting thicker at the base.

The green onions got a little haircut and ended up as an excellent garnish for my salad the other day.

My chives are doing well once again! I've had this plant for about 2 years now and the fact that I didn't kill it was one of the things that made me want to start gardening in the first place.


  1. Which kind of onions do you have there. Are they bunching onions (the ones that don't form bulbs)? My bunching onions are tall and I was thinking about cutting some off the top, but didn't know how they'd react.

  2. Yup those are my bunching onions. Whenever you give them a trim it encourages them to send out new shoots which makes them nice and bushy, so by all means go for it!

  3. I think your doing a wonderful job! You'll be an experienced farmer before you know It :o)...Blessings!

  4. Very cool light set up all your seedlings look really good. I love leeks but have never tried to grow them.

  5. Things are coming along nicely! What a great light set up!

  6. Thanks Megan and Gingerbreadshouse7!

    Jeana - This is my first time growing leeks. I hadn't even had leeks until this fall when I made a soup that called for them, so now I'm growing them!

  7. Thanks for posting and following Spring Garden Acre. Consider me and our small family your new favorite followers. I was jealous when I saw your leeks. We just planted ours. It will probably be 2012 before we harvest!