Friday, April 15, 2011

Porch Seedlings

What's left of my cool season vegetables (plus the Oregon Spring seedlings) are currently living on my enclosed porch. It's south-facing and gets sun all day. I've been cracking the windows during the day to start exposing them to a little wind and started leaving them open during the night a couple of days ago. So far, all seems to be going well!

I sowed this window box very thickly with spring greens as the seeds were 10 years old, but they seem to still be quite viable!

This is the box post-thinning with lots more space for the largest seedlings to grow.


  1. Nice! I've read in some places that lettuce seed is only supposed to be viable for a year, and way over planted my seeds because they were older... I have a lot of thinning to do as well! They're looking beautiful!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I hadn't heard the one year only thing, but I figured over 10 years in less than optimal conditions (think hot attic...) was probably not exactly going to help viability.

  3. That's nice to know seed will be good that length of time..Everything looks good and healthy..some good eating will be coming your way :o)