Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seedling Update

I'm sure everyone's getting sick of seedling pictures, but I'm proud of my babies and I need to show them off! This is really the first time I'm doing any major seed starting. Last year I started a hybrid tomato and broccoli, but that's it. I direct seeded beans and squash successfully, but all of my other plants were freebies that were donated by the local YouthGrow program to all of the community gardens. It's a great organization that gets teens involved with growing their own food. They start plants for the community gardens and plants to go into the large YouthGrow gardens that they help to maintain all summer. While I love free plants, this year my goal was to start all of my plants from seed.

Kellogg's Breakfast shared by EG and Oregon Spring

Black Cherry also from EG

Brandywine and Cherokee Purple from EG

Oxheart Pink and Polish Linguisa

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper that was a freebie with the Tam Jalapenos I got from eBay

Tam Jalapenos and Organic Black Beauty Eggplant (With some cauliflower mixed in... I accidentally seeded the cauliflower in the wrong 6-pack)

Early Snowball Cauliflower from EG

Broccoli Waltham 29 and Organic Broccoli Deccicio

As you can easily see, EG (from Our Engineered Garden) was extremely generous and gave me lots of seeds to help me out this year. I'm a broke college student and I just can't afford tons and tons of seed unfortunately. However, I'll be saving as much seed as I can this year to start building up my own little seed library. Hopefully I'll have a bunch of fun stuff to trade this winter!

Some of these guys are starting to get their first set of true leaves, which means I'll soon be potting up! The cauliflower and broccoli will be first, as well as trying to rescue the cauliflower from the eggplant. We'll see how the extraction goes...


  1. Your seeds look happy and healthy, and I bet they'll be just right the right size for planting time. Ours are doing well too, but we planted some of them too early. We have about 50, 3 inch tomato plants. Yikes! People around here say not to plant before May 15th, but the last frost date averages April 25th. In 2010 it was April 20th. What do you think, should we put them out at the end of April or wait until the middle of May?

  2. I would definitely wait until the middle of May. Last year I put out half my seedlings May 1st and the other half May 14th. The ones put out earlier did fine, but they did end up with some frost damage. With the recovery period they actually produced fruit after the plants I put out the 14th. If you do plant earlier, I would only do some of your seedlings. Don't put your eggs in one basket!

  3. Your babies are beautiful and look healthy :o) Do wait until it's really starting to stay warm ( 1st or 2nd week of May should be good)...the 3rd week isn't a loss either. Good luck with them..