Friday, April 1, 2011

Mother Nature is Mean.

Yay it's April and that means our springtime weather will continue to get sunnier and warmer! But no. Instead, I woke up to a lovely winter wonderland. Which is a gorgeous sight to behold, in winter. This year March came both in and out like a lion and I for one am glad to be rid of it. I just can't take much more of the up and down temperatures and relentless snow! I could do without trying to clean off my SUV too, since, you know, I'm all of 5'3".

This is the view from my front porch around 3 pm, after most of the mess had melted. (And that's my truck at the bottom... When my mom wanted a new car 5 years back, I got her old one.)

I only wish I could have gotten a picture from my drive this morning... Trees cracked and branches everywhere. And everything with a 6 inch-thick "dusting" of snow. But alas, I had to get up, clean off my beast of a car and budget extra time to get to work since no one has any clue of how to drive in the snow.

My 5-day Forecast

Despite the April Fools Day snow, I'm trying to be positive and the 5 day forecast is looking promising at this point! Just waiting to be able to safely plant out my spring veggies at this point... I can't wait for garden-fresh greens!

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  1. Well at least the temperatures are warming up a bit. Your forecast looks like ours. We had a little snow here this morning and it quickly melted....thank goodness!