Friday, August 20, 2010

Garden Work

Did some work in the garden today after getting home from work work. Some very heavy watering was in order considering how dry the soil was so I dragged out the long hose. I'm kinda peeved at whichever gardener used it last because they managed to completely tangle the hose into a million knots and kinks when they put it away. After spending the better part of 10 minutes untangling the beastly thing, I spent an hour slowly watering everything. And when I finished, I carefully re-coiled the hose the right way.... I also finally weeded the tomato/pepper plot as well as the area with the eggplant and celery. It was long overdue and I ended up with a recycling bin filled to the top with weeds. Just slightly embarrassing... I also planted my last row of bush beans for the year, which may or may not mature before my first frost date, but either way they'll help the soil a bit.

I apologize for the lack of pictures... I finally remembered to bring the camera with me to the garden, but did not check to see if the batteries were charged. And of course they weren't..... Pics soon though - I promise!

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