Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Garden - Some pics!

Here are some pics of my garden that were taken about 3 weeks ago!

My "sunny" plot receiving the most sun each day. It gets shade until about 10 am and then is sunny until whenever the sun goes down. It's 5'x6' and has tomatoes, frying peppers and jalapeno peppers.

The fence plot get sun until around 5 pm. It has butternut squash, summer squash and bush green beans. You can see green beans and summer squash here.

And here is the butternut squash along the fence...

Frying peppers.

My very first eggplant ever!

Eggplant, celery and a mixed row in the plot that gets afternoon shade.

Green tomatoes from mystery plants gifted by the Worcester UGROW program

Big bushes of basil

First summer squash!

The same squash, post-picking :)

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