Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Girlfriend and I are officially back from camping. I had a great time, even though there was more rain than I would have liked. It figures that we get no rain all month and then the first 2 days of camping we get double the rain that has fallen this month so far. Regardless, we still did a good amount of hiking, biking and fishing. Most importantly, the new tent did not leak! Through the downpour of Wednesday night we stayed nice and dry. :D

My favorite part of the trip was spending Thursday in Northampton and getting to show my lady around town. I want to move there when I'm done with my undergraduate degree, but Stacey has been hesitant. After eating at one of my favorite local restaurants (Fitzwilly's) and hanging around town to experience the amazing vibe, she is in love with the area. YESSSS!

Anyways, picture tomorrow maybe?

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